1-Day Bootcamp & 24Hrs. Hackathon

Building Chatbots using IBM Watson

Dates: 18th 19th 20th Dec 2018

Exclusively for Students

Venue: Annamacharya Institute of Technology and Science, Rajampet, Kadapa

Rs. 1200/- per head

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About the Event

SmartBridge in collaboration with IBM is organizing a 24Hrs. Hackathon on "Building Chatbots for Service Industry" at Annamacharya Institute of Technology and Science, Rajampet, Kadapa. To provide the participants with hands-on practice on building chatbots, a 1-day BootCamp is planned prior to the Hackathon. Participants should submit their ideas on different applications of chatbots in the following Industry segments.

  • Primary & Higher Education

  • Healthcare

  • Tourism

  • Social Welfare

  • Public Governance

  • Human Resource Development

  • Banking & Finance, Micro-finance

  • Manufacturing

  • Agriculture

  • Women Empowerment

1-Day Bootcamp on Building Chatbots with IBM Watson

During this 1-Day BootCamp participants will understand the procedure to build chatbots using IBM Watson Assistant. Participants will learn the process of interfacing external services to the chatbot service to deploy on a webpage or build a mobile application.

Program Agenda

Pre Lunch

Introduction to Chatbots

Application of Chatbots in various business segments

Generic Architecture of Chatbot

Ways to build a chatbot

Chatbot services available in the market

Build chatbots using IBM Watson Assistant

Post Lunch

Chatbot conversation framework

Retrieval & Generative based conversational models

Understanding Natural Language Processing

Machine Learning for Natural Language Understanding

Build your own chatbot from the scratch


All participants must register for the event (Bootcamp & Hackathon).

Every one must submit their idea on any one of the business segments.

Team should bring their own laptop (4GB RAM, i3 Processor, Windows 7 & above/ Ubuntu) for the event.

Basic Knowledge on Web or Mobile development is advantageous.


Annamacharya Institute of Technology and Science, Rajampet, Kadapa

Building Chatbots

Dec 19th - 20th, 2018


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