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Career Information

Families and friends can be extremely helpful in providing career information. While they may not always have the information needed, so the student misses their opportunity that one needed. The Internet provides much of the same job information that is available through libraries, career centers, and guidance offices. However, no single network or resource will contain all the desired information.

But we Smart Bridge are here to bridge the gap. It is a one solution for all your career guidance. We create awareness about various job profiles which is very essential for a student to know. All the latest Technologies,Job information, job skills and latest news in different segments and industrial information are posted here. Students get well updated through Smart Bridge.

Amazing Features

Latest Technology

Find the New Technology News, updated news on information latest in technology, IT, Computers Technology, mobiles industry etc. in one place which is very useful for a student’s career.

Industrial Awareness

Smart Bridge provides you the clear awareness about the industries. This aids one to develop in a professional way. Graduates with good commercial awareness are aware of business trends and the impact.

Job Skills

Some specific skills are required for some specific jobs. Smart bridge provides the awareness and information about the job skills. Job roles are requiring formal training qualifications either because of legislative requirements or to meet the requirements of specific employers.

Job Information

Find detailed job information, videos and case studies on hundreds of jobs. Search for information on specific job titles, or browse job families for more ideas.

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