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Career Courses

What is the reason lots of engineering students can't get a good job in India?

The answer is lack of Career skills and the quality of the engineering education in India is, well, abysmal. Even many Companies have stated that they are facing difficulties in hiring fresher engineers!!

Engineering institutions are generating so many graduates but corporate often complain that they are not getting the skills and talents which is required for the entry level jobs.

One of the biggest MNCs in India has to first hire engineers from colleges and then they have to provide training to the recruits. The training will try to teach you in six months what four years of engineering in India couldn’t teach. What about the other companies?? They are unable to provide the trainings to students. How to fulfill it??

We the Smart Bridge are here to fill that gap. Smart Bridge is known to provide the best career course trainings no doubt about that. We afford the high level technical training which makes the student perfect and acquire eligibility to enter into their professional life.

We give trainings on Internet of things, electronic & Instrumentation, Architecture, civil & Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Computer science/IT, Robotics, Androids, Soft Skills, Banking & Finance and Python.

MOOCS (Massive Open Online Courses) courses will be updated to provide awareness to the students.

Amazing Features

Career Skills

Good knowledge on any subject does not warrant the ability to apply it to solve real-time problems. Employers are keen for engineers, who prove that they can call upon the relevant skills as and when required. Get your required skill to develop yourselves.

Latest Technologies

The most important characteristic that will make you not only a better engineer but a better person is the never-ending spirit for learning. Learn the latest technologies and get upgraded with Smart Bridge.

Industrial Requirements

Elevate your technical skills to meet the industrial requirement. Explore Us, we will provide you the best.

Technical courses

Learning industry-certified courses is one elegant solution to handle the misalignment. Because, There is an evident gap, reported by numerous studies, between the academic standards in engineering colleges and the actual operating conditions in the industry.

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