Smartbridge has properly trained, industry level expeirenced mentors to guide students.

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Networking is not only what helps most people land after graduation jobs, but it’s also what helps students gain internship and shadow day opportunities. Shadow days are general favorite tool for career exploration. A student spends a couple of hours with a professional in their field and asks questions.A mentor can guide you and answer career questions throughout your career with the help of Smart Bridge. We bridge a bond between students & mentor and connection can be stronger, which results more opportunity for internships and mentoring.

Finding a mentor is important in any career field, and engineering is no different. Mentors can provide young engineers invaluable guidance and support early in their careers.Working side-by-side with a mentor helps you observe their thinking process and gives you hands-on experience that improves your skills. We provide the mentors who arethe best experts from you, and when you fall short or cut corners, they let you know. Finally, mentor guides you in your work place, improves your skills and challenge you to be better.

Amazing Features

Expert Mentors

Students are not always aware of all their talents; this makes it hard for them to envision a career. To get an expert mentor register here.

Doubt Clarification

Having doubts regarding your career and subjects you deal. Clarify your doubts with our experts.

Better Skills

Mentors can help students prepare for jobs by helping them to sharpen the skills, to design a good CV, rehearse interview and learn about the current job Market. Join Us to build better skills

Better Opportunities

Students must augment their field-specific knowledge and experience with a variety of other skills if they are to make the best use of their talents. This aids to better opportunities for students.

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