Sharing knowledge makes an individual an expert in the specific field,

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Who’s a Mentor??
A mentor is a wise personal, with experience that offers continuing guidance and support and takes a special interest in helping another person develop into a successful professional. In the realm of Engineering, we might say that a good mentor seeks to help a student optimize an educational experience, to assist the student's socialization into a disciplinary culture, and to help the student find suitable employment.
Good mentors are able to share life experiences and wisdom, as well as technical expertise. They are good listeners, good observers, and good problem-solvers. He shares his knowledge through mentoring a student or through guest lectures. One who wants to be mentor can join our Smart Bridge and Share their professional knowledge to the students as well as to the colleges.

Amazing Features

Better Doubt Clarification

The best mentors are more likely to be able to recruit and keep students of high caliber who can clarify their doubts, help produce better research, papers and grant proposals. Best mentors are with us to help the students.

Exhibits professional Knowledge

Good mentoring in Science and Engineering has taken on added importance in recent years. Most scientists and engineers are entering a more diverse employment environment. So mentors can share your knowledge and experiences with us.

Better Guidance

Mentors are powerful ally for students by helping them build their network by providing advices and better guidance.

Sharing skills

Our mentors invite the students to know both on and off the job. An effective mentorship relationship is characterized by mutual trust, understanding and empathy.

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