Piping Engineer - Mechanical Intern

Training & Internship program to impart piping design and engineering skills in a project based learning environment

Apply By: March 31 2020

Start Date: May

Venue: Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad, Kukatpally

About the Internship

4-Weeks industry driven, mentor supported training and internship program to provide skill in piping design & engineering. The interns will undergo two weeks of intensive training on piping system, piping sizing, layout, fittings and preparation of piping construction documents using AutoCAD and many more important concepts. Interns will be assigned with a project in 3rd week to gain practical skill of piping system design. During 4th week of the program, interns will take-up an industrial problem in piping engineering and develops solution to showcase their skills. Entire program will be delivered in remote model via smart practice school with a dedicated mentor support.

Program Contents

  1. Introduction to EPC Industry
  2. Overview of an Engineering Organization
  3. Engineering Design Work Flow
  4. Piping Design Documentation
  5. Piping Design Work Flow
  6. Role of a Piping Engineer
  7. Role of a Piping Desiger
  1. Definitions & Terminology of Piping Systems
  2. Piping Symbols, Abbreviations & Identification
  3. Equipment used in process plant
  4. PFD's, Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams, Plant Layouts etc.
  5. Equipment List, Line List, Valve List, BoQ etc.


  1. Classification of Pipes & Tubes?
    • Type, Weight & Size, Schedule Number
    • API Designation, Pressure Temperature Rating
  2. Pipe Manufacturing
  3. Pipe Codes & Standards
  4. Vendor Specification
  1. Methods of Joining Pipes
  2. Types of Fitting - Butt Weld, Threaded and Socket Weld
  3. Elbow - 90 Degree (LR&SR), 45 Degree, Reducing El.
  4. Branch Connections
  5. Reducers
  6. Fabricated Branch Connections
  7. Branch Reinforcements
  8. Olet Fittings
  9. Special Pipe Fittings
  10. Applicable Codes & Standards
  1. Purpose of Flange
  2. Classification of Flanges based on Face & Application
  3. Forged Steel and Cast Iron Flanges
  4. Threaded Flanges, Slip-on Flanges, SOcket Welded Flanges, Welded Neck Flanges, Blind Flanges
  5. Gaskets - Types, Thickness, Bolts & Nuts
  6. Bolts & Bolting Arrangement
  7. Applicable Codes & Standards
  8. Vendor Specifications
  1. Definition & Basic Function
  2. Different types of valves & Applications
  3. Parts of Valve
  4. Relief Valve & Applications
  5. Application of Check Valve
  6. Valve Data Tables
  7. Valve Selection & Sizing
  8. Installation Considerations
  9. Applicable Codes & Standards
  10. Valve Datasheet
  11. Valve Material Selection
  1. Scope of ASME B 31.3, B31.1, NACE
  2. Design Pressure & Design Temperature
  3. Rating of Flanges
  4. Material Specification
  5. Pipe Thickness Calculations
  1. Process Flow Diagrams
  2. P&ID's
  3. Line Numbering
  4. Plant Layout
  5. Equipment Layout
  6. Piping Racks
  7. Pipe Support Drawings
  8. GA Drawings
  9. MTO or BoM
  10. Plan & Elevation Drawing
  1. Introduction to Piping 3D Modeling
  2. 3D Modeling Softwares
  3. Piping Isometrics
  1. Hands-on with Piping Project
  2. Develop Piping 3D Model
  3. Prepare Piping 2D Drawings
  4. Prepare Piping Specifications & Procurement Documents

Desirable Rewards

Training Completion Certificate

Internship Completion Letter

Build Multiple Projects

Dedicated Mentor Support

Access to Smart Practice School

Registration Process

STEP - 1

Fill up the registration form

Complete the first step of registration by filling & submitting the form below.

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STEP - 2

Block your slot with basic payment

Pay Rs.1500 as the token amount to block your slot for Internship program. Balance can be paid at the time of joining.

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STEP - 3

Grab the internship offer letter

Once you finish two steps, you will receive an internship offer letter to the registered email with in 48 Hrs.


Offline   Remote  


  1. Students shall carry their own laptops with suitable configuration (Mandatory)
  2. This program is only for current students, passed out students are not eligible to apply (contact us for more details)
  3. Students shall pay minimum registration fee to confirm their slot
  4. Students shall have minimum coding knowledge (atleast C language)
  5. Students shall carry a copy of College ID & any Govt. ID during joining
  6. Email with pre-onboarding formalities will be sent after slot confirmation

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The internship is organized from various practice schools in different cities. Interns shall physically present to attend the Internship
In Remote internship the intern will get access to Smart Practice School platform to join the internship program from any location
Smart Practice School platform provides company like environment for the interns. It provides access to projects and enables interaction with team members & mentors.
Yes, every successful intern will get an internship completion letter as per the company policy. If college needs any specific format, you can approach the internship coordinator
We have three types of internships. 1) Free Internship : applicable only for the students with necessary skills in the technology. No stipend will be paid. 2)Fee based Internship: In this internship the student shall pay the minimum fee to acquire the necessary skills in the technology domain. 3)Paid Internships : In this internship the intern will be paid monthly stipend. But this internship will be available for extraordinary students in the relevant technology
Yes. During 3rd or 4th week of internship you can develop your own idea. Our mentors will support you.
The Remote internship will be organized through smart practice school platform. Interns will join the lectures by mentors through ZOOM calls, develops the projects on platform, interact with mentors through slack channel for doubt clarification.
Yes. Upon completion of internship, a unique link will be generated to access the Internship Completion Letter. Interns can download the letter anytime in the future.
Every intern will work on minimum three projects during the internship and the projects will be managed through smart practice school for future reference.
For all fee based internships (remote / offline) minimum payment prescribed shall be paid online to confirm the slot. A ticket will be generated with unique number, which shall be produced later during joining.
Yes, for the best interns we will provide however please talk to internship coordinator.