A warm welcome at the renown BIET, Davangere will surely be marked and shall always be remembered. This place has equally contributed in the successful completion of the TekHack’19 at BIET, Karnataka. The inaugural has begun with speeches filled with motivation and energy. After which the technical ride has begun.


Unearthing talent in new and emerging technologies like Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have conquered the next generation. Boot camps turn out to be really helpful to the youngsters in improving the skill set and in gaining immense knowledge from the industry level trained faculty. A 24hrs hackathon to add on to their skills and deploy a successful prototype Regarding the Images.

After deployment of a model by the students a reward for the accomplishment is must and sure, so each of them receives a career constructive certificate to enhance their future. The deployment is done in the guidance of the mentors so that any doubt can be easily solved but must say, This crowd was highly skilled, their unique ideas were worth thinking, it felt really good guiding and training them.



  • SMART WATER TANK – An automated IOT prototype, built to save water. When water is either below/above the threshold, this device runs and fills the task and then turns off automatically after the highest threshold is reached.

  • SMART HOME AUTOMATION – A very intelligent application on the smart phone where every appliance in the house is given a digit, this digit is used to control/operate the device.

  • FRAUD PRODUCT PREDICTION – In the era of fake products, here comes a cisual recognition model to detect all the duplicate products.

  • OBJECT DETECTION VEHICLE DAMAGE PREDICTION – A visual recognition model to predict damage in your vehicle before it costs your life.

  • AIR POLLUTION DETECTION – A classification model to predict the air contents and pollutants.

The regional level event held at BIET, Davangere has been super energetic and has captured interest of 360 students who showed interest Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Internet Of Things. These being the most evolving technology of today’s world has conquered many students. This TekHack has amused us with the lively participation of students and their deployments. Thanks to BIET, Davangere being a huge part of this event!!.