Their immense contribution for the event has to be thanked. Their warm hospitality and breath taking generosity will surely count and be remembered. This place has equally contributed in the successful completion of the TekHack’19 at IARE, Hyderabad.


Unearthing talent in new and emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence that has conquered the next generation. Boot camps turn out to be really helpful to the youngsters in improving the skill set and in gaining immense knowledge from the industry level trained faculty. A 24hrs hackathon to add on to their skills and deploy a successful prototype Regarding the Images.

After deployment of a model by the students a reward for the accomplishment is must and sure, so each of them receives a career constructive certificate to enhance their future. The deployment is done in the guidance of the mentors so that any doubt can be easily solved but must say, This crowd was highly skilled, their unique ideas were worth thinking, it felt really good guiding and training them.


The Top most innovative and well appreciated ideas of the event are

  • FOOD GRADE QUALITY ANALYSIS – A web App which automatically estimates food attributes such as ingredients and nutritional value by classifying the input image of food using IBM Watson.

  • SMART PARKING – A prototype to estimate the number of cars entering and leaving the Mall and can count the number of cars present in the available parking slots .

  • RECOMMNDATION SYSTEM – Using a combination of in-store cameras and facial recognition software, shops can now accurately assess the demographic information of its shoppers, including metrics such as age and gender.

Thanks to IARE, Hyderabad for being a huge part of this event. The efforts to gather a huge crowd and introduce the emerging technologies to them with hands on industry level sessions which would help them to evolve is surely a remarkable experience. Once again a heart-felt thanks to to IARE, Hyderabad for all the sincere efforts from SmartBridge in collaboration with IBM!!!.