A warm welcome from JNTUH, was refreshing as always. This place has always been fascinating and would be remarkable for each of us. On the emerging technology of Artificial Intelligence it had begun amazingly well.


Our TekHack on artificial Intelligence and internet of things in Hyderabad at the renown JNTUH was amazing. The innovative ideas of students made it way too interesting , each individual came up with something fun. The passion to grab knowledge was seen in every face. The time with these fascinating minds will be cherished.

The Artificial Intelligence has come a long way from the old days. It was with the invention of the computers that the Artificial Intelligence method began to maneuver researchers. The technology was finally available and seemed to stimulate intelligent behavior. Intelligent here means, things which could be done at a faster pace and thinking than a human mind. The insights and theory brought about the Artificial Intelligence will set a trend in the future. The current products are just the beginning of the future trend.


The Internet of Things is the idea that ordinary everyday objects can, with the addition of sensors and communications interfaces, be made 'Smart'. In this context 'Smart' means that they are able to communicate useful information regarding their current state, their location and the environment they exist in.

A few prototypes deployed by the iot students with lots of innovation and ideology.

The innovative techies who were very impressive

AI Applications

1. A prototype to monitor the moisture level and sort the waste wan an innovative idea, this helps in enhancing environment as well.

2. A flying eye, a drone to capture the illegal events in the society. It has the power to follow the assailant as well.

3. A voice based assistant for the blind, for them to be updated and use all available facilities, bharat a better place.

IOT Applications

1. A creative invention for our nature, monitoring the green house gases and cautioning on environment and hazards.

2. An invention for a happy foot, smart thought on a smart footrest. This model is for the comfort and safety as well.

3. A fire alert in the forest, to save trees from being destroyed. This helps in saving trees and sending alerts regarding the fire attack.