A one day Bootcamp continued with a 24 hrs Hackathon at Shri Vishnu Engineering College for Women on the emerging technologies - Internet of things and Artificial Intelligence was an absolute fun and remarkable.


We had a wonderful time in this bootcamp, the innovative ideas of students made it way too interesting, each individual came up with something crazy, every student seemed absolutely techie. There passion to grab knowledge made us share more. The enthusiasm they showed was amazing, they were fresh and lively all the time. Never did it feel to be an over night session with there bright faces and eyes waiting too seek knowledge. The session was not just 1 way, it included 2 way active communication from students as well. Their doubts were worth listening, we made it a point to get the solution from their minds itself. It is important to evaluate if every student is gaining knowledge, so we came up with fun breaks as well. This bootcamp might have surely given them good knowledge on the evolving technologies.


SVECW, has fascinating minds and has enthusiastic learners who are waiting to evolve, with internet of things and artificial intelligence on tip of the fingers they are getting ready to conquer the world. The zeal in each student keeps inspiring us to teach more. Each team comprising around 3-5 members came up with absolute stunning ideas and amazing presentation skills. Every single team has got a distinctive skill to admire, interacting with such huge crowd has definitely been a very beautiful experience.


  • BANK SECURITY – A high security model for the money, a face detection security service that would detect authorised employee of the bank who can access the locker, a buzzer at the locker would indicate unauthorised face.

  • SMART GARBAGE SYSTEM – Swacch Bharath on mind, the young minds came up with a garbage bin that would buzz if it’s lid is open for more than 5 minutes, it also sends a notification if the bin is filled and has to be replaced.

  • AI BASED SIGN BOARDS – An intelligent car with the smartness to capture the sign boards and guides the driven stay focused on the directions.