Our TekHack'19 has reached Tirupati, S.V.University college of engineering for a 2 days bootcamp and 24hours hackathon on the booming technologies of Internet of things and Artificial Intelligence. The event started with lightening of the lamp , beautiful plants were given as token of gratitude. The idea of giving plants has been too capitative. It was just the beginning and the college already seemed too innovative, continued with guest lectures with all the dignitaries of the college. A pleasant start it has been.


We had a wonderful time in this bootcamp, the innovative ideas of students made it way too interesting, each individual came up with something crazy, every student seemed absolutely techie. There passion to grab knowledge made us share more. The enthusiasm they showed was amazing, they were fresh and lively all the time. Never did it feel to be an over night session with there bright faces and eyes waiting too seek knowledge. The session was not just 1 way, it included 2 way active communication from students as well. Their doubts were worth listening, we made it a point to get the solution from their minds itself. It is important to evaluate if every student is gaining knowledge, so we came up with fun breaks as well. This bootcamp might have surely given them good knowledge on the evolving technologies.


S.V. University, has fascinating minds and has enthusiastic learners who are waiting to evolve, with internet of things and artificial intelligence on tip of the fingers they are getting ready to conquer the world. The zeal in each student keeps inspiring us to teach more. Each team comprising around 3-5 members came up with absolute stunning ideas and amazing presentation skills. Every single team has got a distinctive skill to admire, interacting with such huge crowd has definitely been a very beautiful experience.

The shortlisted techies of the event who are gearing up for the state level competiton.

THE SMART HOME - Life made simpler with technology , a visual recognition use case that authorises faces!! Good Bye to the theft stories.

A LIFE SAVIOUR - A use case deployed to help the sick travelling by an ambulance to reach the nearest destination at the earliest, unlike the sound recognition the clever minds have used GPS to monitor the traffic and clear the road.

POWER FACTOR CORRECTION - An IOT project built to utilise power that is wasted, this use case recycles power for further usage.

MYSTERY MODEL - A prototype to identify the missing people through visual recognition, a model that reduces complexity in social deeds.

COLLEGE BOT - An AI college assistant which guides students, parents and staff regarding all the details of the institution, to ease the college structure.

PREDICTING DOG EMOTION - A use case trained to study the emotion of a dog using visual recognition, recording the emotion and reacting like wise. Dog owner's life made easy.