SmartBridge - Building Next-Gen Talent Pool with Skill in IoT, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence.

Our Vision

Empowering the workforce of tomorrow

Our Mission

Our mission is to establish a sustainable talent pipeline for the emerging industry by fostering strong industry-academia connections. Through our project-based learning and virtual internship programs, we equip students with in-demand skills in cutting-edge technologies, empowering them to succeed in their careers.

Our Core Values

Student-Centric Approach

Our students are at the core of everything we do. We prioritize their learning needs, aspirations, and career growth, providing personalized support and guidance.

Equal Opportunities

We are committed to ensuring equal opportunities for all students, regardless of their geographical location. We strive to bridge the gap between students studying in cities and remote areas, empowering them with the same level of access to quality education and opportunities.

Outcome-Driven Partnerships

We believe in forging partnerships that are focused on tangible outcomes and mutual success. Our collaborations are geared towards achieving concrete results and positive impact.


Embracing innovation is fundamental to our ethos. We constantly seek new and effective ways to enhance learning experiences, staying at the forefront of emerging technologies and methodologies.

Social Impact

We are driven by a sense of responsibility to make a positive impact on society. Our efforts go beyond individual success stories, seeking to uplift communities and contribute to a better world.

Our Objective

Our main objective is to bridge the existing gaps between prevailing industry standards and what the academics offer to the graduates while passing out of university. SmartBridge offers suitable skill deployment and training to the young talent before on boarding their first job.

Our skill development programs are designed considering the present in demand skills in the industry. We thereby work along the lines to offer best programs that helps the students to gain practical knowledge and hands on training to learn the skills of the future.

Main objectives of SmartBridge:

  • Internship for Every Student
  • Promote Industry Approved Professional Electives
  • Become a Talent Factory of India by 2026

Corporate Profile

At SmartBridge, our cutting-edge edtech platform, "SmartInternz," serves as a catalyst for fostering collaboration between academia and industry. By providing project-based, collaborative learning solutions intricately woven into the curriculum, it empowers students to cultivate the essential technical and professional skills required to become job-ready candidates. The platform's immersive learning journey equips students with the necessary expertise to excel in their chosen careers.

SmartBridge is dedicated to a momentous talent mission: to provide "1 Million Virtual Internships" across a wide range of in-demand technologies. Our goal is twofold: to assist companies in finding job-ready talent and to play a pivotal role in building a thriving gig economy in India.

Our Management Team

Amarender Katkam
Founder & CEO

Amarender Katkam, Founder & CEO of SmartBridge and the person behind the vision. He had 15 years of experience in Industrial Controls & Networks, Internet of Things. Previously he had worked as a Scientific Officer with Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited. He is very much passionate about educational sector with motive to bring reforms in Indian Education System.

Suman Akula

Suman Akula, is the Director of SmartBridge and the key person in leading SmartBridge’s operations from US. He possesses over 15 years of hands-on experience in Software Development. He is the CEO of [S]cube Enterprises, Albany, NY. COO and Co-founder of Sageble Technologies, Hyderabad.

Nitin Jain

Nitin (CA,CPA) has 20 years of experience with General Electric in growing and transforming businesses, managing global teams and executing growth strategy in the Asian region. With a track record of setting up businesses from scratch, executing transformation projects, driving Business Integration for strategic acquisitions & improving profitability by driving productivity and managing risk, Nitin is resourceful, agile and a change agent.

Sridevi Sira
Vice President Partnerships

Sridevi Sira, Vice President Partnerships of SmartBridge, with over 20 plus years of demonstrated history of working in Education Management, Skill building arenas. A transformational leader with a proven track record of developing and implementing strategic partnership. Known for her innovative strategies to engage learners and motivate them to succeed. Has exceptional capability in curriculum designing and integrating Industry programs into academic framework. She has served on various academic boards and Higher Education Council and contributed in curriculum redesigning at State level.

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